Demand for Jhajariya on the rise after Google’s ‘Reunion’ ad goes viral; sweet shop owners confused

Mumbai: Google’s newest ‘Reunion’ ad may be a cult hit, but it has left sweet shop owners across the country bewildered and pissed off. The television commercial, which talks about a sweet called Jhajariya and two childhood friends who were separated by the partition of India and Pakistan, has gone viral across social networking sites in both the countries.


“Ever since the Google ad went viral, my shop is being visited by thousands of customers everyday, who come here looking for Jhajariya; I don’t even know what the fuck that is!”, says Santosh Kumar, a local sweet shop owner. In a survey conducted by our team, we found out that 25% of the people didn’t know what Jhajariya is, while 10% knew about it, and a whopping majority of 65% said that they wanted to overthrow the Central Government.

While most of us believe that Google has benefited from this ad, the high ranked officials at Google tell us a completely different story. In an interview, a Google employee said,”We initially thought that the concept was interesting and catchy, but it ended up marketing Jhajariya instead of us”.

Article by Neil Lalwani